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This is a template that wraps and simplifies Module:TwitterSnowflake.

Usage[원본 편집]

The template accepts a single positional parameter and returns a timestamp based on the ID passed. The timestamp is by default in the format of "January 1, 2021", but if |format=dmy is passed, it's instead presented as "1 January 2021".

Examples[원본 편집]

{{TwitterSnowflake|1345021162959503360}} returns January 1, 2021.

{{TwitterSnowflake|1345021162959503360|format=dmy}} returns 1 January 2021.

Notes[원본 편집]

When no date is provided, the date "November 4, 2010" is returned. This also occurs if a number lower than that of a valid snowflake is provided.

See also[원본 편집]