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스크립트 오류: "Lang/documentor tool" 모듈이 없습니다. The language template {{lang-x}} identifies Error: unrecognized language tag: x text. The term or phrase is the only mandatory parameter. The text is formatted according to recommendations in 틀:Section link; italics for languages that use the Latin alphabet, normal for others.

The template should generally be placed after the English translation of the foreign term or phrase.

The parameter |links=no prevents the language name from being linked.

The parameter |translit= allows for a Romanization to be identified. The templates that have this parameter are listed here. (This parameter is not supported by lang-틀:Var templates for languages that are already written in Latin script.)

The parameter |lit= enables a literal translation (in English) to be given. It is being rolled out to these templates and so may be available for {{lang-x}}.


lang-xx supported parameters
parameter definition yields to alias
text non-English text {{{1}}}
translit Latin script transliteration of the content in text {{{2}}}
translit-std standard used for the transliteration of the value of translit; accepted values are: ISO, DIN, IAST, ALA, ALA-LC
translit-script transliteration standard's script identifier
translation literal English translation or gloss of the content in text lit, {{{3}}}
label label to be used instead of template-provided language label; may be wikilinked; special keyword none causes the template to render without any labels (including transliteration and translation labels)
link yes (default) links language name and static text associated with translit and translation; accepted values are: no, yes; |link=no does not unlink wikilinked labels set by |label= links
code IETF language tag for the content in text; set by the template, overriding the template setting is discouraged
script IETF language script subtag; sometimes set by the template when the language of the content in text uses more than one writing system; always four alpha characters; a value of Latn (틀:Em "Latin"!) forces italic rendering unless overridden by italic; overrides rtl italic
region IETF language region subtag
variant IETF language variant subtag
rtl yes indicates that the writing system used for the content in text is right-to-left; accepted values are: no (default), yes script
italic 틀:Crossref; accepted values are: yes, no, unset, invert, default italics,i
size specifies font size of the content in text; use a value suitable for use with the CSS font-size property; this should almost always be a relative value supplied in 틀:Mxt or 틀:Mxt units, not a fixed 틀:!mxt value.
cat inhibits automatic categorization; mirror version of nocat; accepted values are: no, n, false, f, off, 0
nocat inhibits automatic categorization; mirror version of cat; accepted values are: yes, y, true, t, on, 1
lang-xx |italic= parameter operation
|italic= value description example code result html markup
  • parameter not present;
  • parameter present, not set;
  • invalid value
  • module applies style from:
  •   template setting, or
  •   |script=latn;
  • else inherits from external markup;
  • invalid values treated as default
{{lang-ru|тундра}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
틀:Deprecated code 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
Incorrect markup; this requires |script=latn.
{{lang-fr|toundra}} 틀:Lang-fr [[:틀:Lang-fr]]
{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
default {{lang-ru|тундра|italic=default}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
{{lang-fr|toundra|italic=default}} 틀:Lang-fr [[:틀:Lang-fr]]
{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=default}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
  • module applies upright style;
  • overrides |script=latn;
  • overrides external markup
{{lang-ru|тундра|italic=no}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
{{lang-fr|toundra|italic=no}} 틀:Lang-fr [[:틀:Lang-fr]]
{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=no}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
''{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=no}}'' 틀:Lang-ru ''[[:틀:Lang-ru]]''
  • module applies italic style;
  • ignores |script=latn
{{lang-ru|тундра|italic=yes}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=yes}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
  • module applies no style;
  • inherits style from external markup;
  • overrides |script=latn
{{lang-ru|тундра|italic=unset}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
''{{lang-ru|тундра|italic=unset}}'' 틀:Lang-ru ''[[:틀:Lang-ru]]''
{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=unset}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
''{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=unset}}'' 틀:Lang-ru ''[[:틀:Lang-ru]]''
  • module applies no style;
  • inverts style in internal markup틀:Dagger;
  • disables auto-italics
  • overrides script subtag latn;
{{lang-ru|тундра|italic=invert}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
{{lang-ru|''тундра''|italic=invert}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
{{lang-ru|script=latn|tûndra|italic=invert}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]
{{lang-ru|script=latn|''tûndra''|italic=invert}} 틀:Lang-ru [[:틀:Lang-ru]]

틀:Dagger compare |italic=invert to |italic=unset:

{{Lang-de|... ein neues Opernprojekt in Angriff: ''Das Käthchen von Heilbronn'', nach Heinrich von Kleists gleichnamigem Drama.|italic=invert}}
{{Lang-de|''... ein neues Opernprojekt in Angriff: ''Das Käthchen von Heilbronn'', nach Heinrich von Kleists gleichnamigem Drama.''|italic=unset}}


The following examples show translations from German.


  • Weimar is located in the federal state of Thuringia ({{Lang-de|Thüringen}}).
  • The Seafarers of Catan ({{Lang-de|Die Seefahrer von Catan}}) is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan.
  • Albert the Bear ({{Lang-de|Albrecht der Bär|links=no}})
  • All Quiet on the Western Front ({{Lang-de|Im Westen nichts Neues|lit=In the West Nothing New}}) is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque.

Resulting text


다음은 시각편집기, 틀마법사 등의 도구를 위한 틀데이터입니다.

Lang-x의 틀데이터

Indicates to readers the original form of a term or phrase in a foreign language.

틀 변수


The foreign text to display.

Display linklinks

Set to 'no' to disable the link to the article's language.

부울식선택 사항
Literal translationlit

The literal translation of the foreign text.

문자열선택 사항

The transliteration of the foreign text, for languages that do not use the Latin alphabet. This field is ignored for languages that do use the Latin alphabet.

문자열선택 사항
Language labellabel

If 'none', suppresses language link and label. Other options may be available depending on the language.

짧은 문구선택 사항

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