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This template creates a frame like those surrounding images. This template can be used to put two or more images into a frame together, or as a wrapper for more complicated templates like {{superimpose}}.

사용법[원본 편집]

{{Image frame|width=|content=|caption=|link=|align=|pos=}}

변수[원본 편집]

  • width: the width of the image within the frame, in pixels (though do not add "px" to the width: ie, use width=175 and not width=175px)
  • content: content of the main section (generally images)
  • caption: content of the caption section
  • link: link for the "Enlarge" link in the caption (in the future, may also be used as the link for the image field inside the frame, though it would probably require an additional height parameter)
  • linkoverride: allows anything to be used instead of the 'info' link
  • align: Valid values: right (default), left, center.
  • pos: Where to put the caption. Valid values: top, bottom (default)

예제[원본 편집]

By filling out the parameters as follows, the result will be as shown below the code.

{{Image frame|width=200|content=[[파일:Example.png|100px]][[파일:Example.png|100px]]
|caption=Example usage|link=Hello world|align=center}}
Example usage
{{Image frame|width=200|content=[[파일:Example.png|100px]][[파일:Example.png|100px]]
|caption=Example usage|link=Hello world|align=center|pos=top}}
Example usage

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