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L위키, 시민들이 참여하여 가꾸는 리버럴 위키


Interprets the input as wikitext using the frame:preprocess function. Any arguments passed to {{Expand wikitext}} are available in the preprocessed code, letting this be used as a rudimentary way of using variables.

If the entire input is in a nowiki tag, or if the optional parameter |unstrip=yes is specified, first extracts the contents of nowiki tags before preprocessing. This feature does not work in the mobile app, visual editor, or Special:ExpandTemplates due to Phab:T203293.

Example[원본 편집]

  • {{Expand wikitext|틀:Tlp}}틀:Make code
  • {{Expand wikitext|<nowiki>{{Episode list/sublist | 1 = One Piece (season 15) | EpisodeNumber = {{{ep}}} | Title = An Explosive Situation! Luffy vs. Fake Luffy! | OriginalAirDate = {{Date|2011-10-02 +{{#expr:({{{ep}}})-517}} weeks }} }} </nowiki>|ep=518}}틀:Episode list/sublist
  • {{Expand wikitext|<nowiki>{{2x|x}}-</nowiki>}} → {{2x|x}}-
  • {{Expand wikitext|<nowiki>{{2x|x}} -</nowiki>}}틀:2x -
  • {{Expand wikitext|<nowiki><u>u</u><ref>text</ref></nowiki>}} → <u>u</u><ref>text</ref>